Welcome to ‘Untitled Project’ that’s inspired by retro Pokémon games

Welcome, everyone! I’m starting a new untitled project as I’ve been inspired by my son’s newfound love for Pokemon. It reminds me of my own love for the series back when I was just a bit older than he is. Given that I have a desire to create games that focus on personal development, I want this to feel like a retro-inspired Pokemon-style game, but with swords instead of creatures.

You can see below that I’ve already made a ton of progress. I’m publishing this blog post in the future and backdating it, so that’s why you’ll see such a variance in the art style and completion. Starting from top to bottom in the gallery, You’ll see my most recent work in October of 2021 and my first attempts at creating the tile-based world and turn-based combat back in December of 2020.

I know, it’s not a ton of progress in almost a year, but as a father with several day jobs, it’s all I can do at this time. I’m trying to make this my core business, but it’s going to take a few years. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I began with not really understanding how to create modular tiles for the ground, figuring that out, and moving on to not understanding how to properly scale textures.

Once I learned all of that, I began to model some buildings – obviously, I used Pokémon buildings as reference at first. From there, I began to implement the character and the combat buttons, the skills, sound effects, and damage behind them. I’ll have a more recent post up the timeline that displays the new character and progress, so look out for that! Thanks so much for all of your support and attention. God bless!