The 30 Days of Game Dev Challenge

Yes, I’ve been off the face of the planet for 3 months…again. I’ve had a lot of work related stuff going on with my day job (and also Google Stadia and Disney Plus launched). 

I’m still trying to get into the groove of spending enough time on Game Dev after I come home from work and put my son to bed. Yes, it’s a lot of work. However, I’m also learning that nothing is an excuse unless I make it one…and I’ve made a lot of excuses.

That being said, when my best friend Mike (@Kindreddev) asked me to participate in the 30 Days of Game Dev Challenge he created I accepted. I wanted to learn as much about Unreal programming via Blueprint as I could. That being said, the 30 days challenge has taken me…. let’s just say it’s been well over 30 days. My goal, however, is to build consistency. 

Everything that I’m learning from this challenge, I’m going to dump it into my efforts with Project Lemniscate…eventually. 

I ask that you all bear with me as I navigate these waters and learn to fit Game Dev into my life on a more consistent basis and cut out things that used to be core to who I am, like web design, media consumption and more. 

I didn’t bring you here to simply show you that I suck at life though (mostly), I have something for you! You can watch my progress on the 30 Days of Game Dev Challenge below on my Notion Board. Think of it like Trello, but much more flexible.

I look forward to showing you all what I’ve been learning and then, as I pour it into Project Lemniscate, reveal my creative vision for what I see the project becoming.