Project Path and What to Expect

When I created this project, I just wanted to learn Unreal Engine. While that’s still true, I thought I would take you all along the journey with me instead of doing it alone. I’m very much still learning game development and I try to learn more each day. For Project Lemniscate, it is a desire for me to learn enough to put together a fun little game with a bit of a story that you can all enjoy. If you’ve come here to see a AAA title get developed…you’re in the wrong place. If you’ve come here to hang out and watch me stream my game development and maybe watch me fumble around Google Search and look like an idiot as I learn…you’re right where you need to be. That being said, I’m slowly developing the path forward using Notion. It’s like Trello, but I have other things there already related to my company management and World bibles so I thought I would also do my game dev to do list there. You can find it here:

Project Lemniscate may be renamed closer to when I’m done developing it so that I can release it under a more worthy name. I would like to hear what you all think of the name as it is, but it may definitely be something entirely different by late development. I’m not really worried about it right now though.I’m big on making things cohesive, so I made a ‘product’ page for lack of a better term here:

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy hanging out and catching up with me! We can talk each day on my new Discord here:

I won’t be streaming on Twitch, probably for another 6 months unless I feel really bold. Just not that confident yet. Either way, look forward to more soon. I hope to connect with you soon! Enjoy 🙂