Avoid obstacles


Rage quit



You are Flame, a young man who is trapped inside his own head battling depression, rejection, condemnation, his past and ultimately hopelessness in order to conquer his future and make it his own. Fight the good fight, Don’t rage quit.


My Journey So Far...

Hometown Hero is back! – Learning to stay in touch…and out of my head

Whew! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I know,...

Read MoreMay 14, 2024

Patreon Revamp: Design your own Bokken and outfit in Hometown Hero, get sneak peaks, more

I’ve finally done it – I’ve set up Patreon. No,...

Read MoreSeptember 6, 2023

After a year of learning, I rebuilt my dream indie game from scratch


Read MoreJune 7, 2023

Starting Development of my Dream Indie Game | Devlog #0

In this devlog, I document the first stages of production...

Read MoreJune 14, 2022

[Updated] Revealing Hometown Hero

Update: April 27, 2022: The game’s official title will be...

Read MoreOctober 31, 2021

Welcome to ‘Untitled Project’ that’s inspired by retro Pok√©mon games

Welcome, everyone! I’m starting a new untitled project as I’ve...

Read MoreDecember 31, 2020

My first game jam – exploding spiders!

Hey everyone! I finally participated in my first community game...

Read MoreApril 5, 2020