Hi, I'm Michael Perrigo

I’m an indie game developer who lives in Florida and the founder of Faithdrawn Studios. It’s nice to meet you! I’m also a Christian, and I’m proud of it!

I understand that not everyone who encounters me will share my faith, and I respect that, but I want to take a moment and tell you what it is I’m doing here, and why I think you may be interested!

What is Faithdrawn Studios?

Growing up in the foster care, I’ve gone through a lot more than I will care to admit or divulge here. We all have our scars, and I’ve been through all sorts of turmoil myself. Despite this ever-changing and uncertain life I’ve led, there’s always been one constant – God. I’ve continually been drawn back by faith through grace in Jesus even if I went through a season of doubt or failure first. You could say I am and have always been “Faithdrawn”. Early on, I turned to video games to help me escape the day-to-day struggle of my youth. Running off to fantastical worlds like Zanarkand, Destiny Islands, or Ivalice where I was the hero and could overcome any challenges I faced helped me to deal with the fact that my real existence was mundane, full of pain, loss, and disappointment. In other words, it was pretty crappy. I was anything but the hero and there was no escape in sight, until I met Christ. Then, my understanding of video games and stories was radically changed. Instead of being the solution, they became a tool.

My Goal

When I started Faithdrawn Studios, I wanted to create games that brought people together and helped them navigate life and living the way I had learned to. We live in crazy times, and I want to create stories and characters that make you think on a deeper level. I’m using game development and storytelling as a means to learn understand myself, others and God. You could say it’s a sort of journal for me. I can express myself and seek out answers too.

Let's Explore Together

I believe that only two things truly matter in this life – stories and relationships. Stories are a vehicle to affect relationships. To understand them. To navigate them.After all, we’re all in this together, right? Sharing what I’ve learned and asking honest but difficult questions about life and the human condition and faith is why I create, but through compelling stories and intricate characters, I hope that we can explore that together. It’s a lifelong journey, but I hope you’ll join me one step at a time! I am Faithdrawn. You are Faithdrawn. WE are Faithdrawn.

Here's a Fun Fact

Faithdrawn Studios was initially named “Fatedrawn Studios”, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t separate my faith from my creativity, even if that meant facing scrutiny or never gaining mass appeal. Fate refers to the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. However, God isn’t just a supernatural power – He’s a personal and loving Creator, and He calls and commands us to be intentional in our lives. In other words, events aren’t always out of our control, and God loves us enough to help us navigate them, even if there will always be some uncontrolled variables.


Books I'm writing